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 what we do...

It is an unpleasant fact that South Yorkshire does not have a good reputation with regard to caring for its animals. At Rotherham Dog Rescue, we aim to give all dogs the life they deserve.


  • Our aim is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abandoned, abused and unwanted dogs.
  • We work closely with the Rotherham dog wardens and take in dogs from the pound.
  • We give a dog a kennel space until it is rehomed no matter how long it takes.
  • We provide short term foster homes for dogs that have difficulty adapting to life in kennels.
  • We provide long term foster homes for elderly dogs where we assist with veterinary care to give these oldies a chance to live out their remaining years in the comfort of a loving home.
  • We help educate owners on how best to care for their dogs.
  • We find caring and responsible owners for our dogs by conducting thorough home checks and matching the right dog to the right owner.
  • We have experienced volunteers on board to run our kennels and deal with members of the public.
  • We have our own dog psychologist who assesses all our dogs, addresses any behavioral issues that the dog may have and who also gives free advice to any prospective owner both before and after adoption.



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